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Diamond Blades & Core Drills

We can supply the complete range of Mexco Diamond Blades, Diamond Wet Core Drills, Diamond Dry Core Drills and Diamond Tile Drills these Blades and Drills are designed to cut and drill the hardest materials.

  1. Diamond Blades

    Diamond Blades

    Mexco Professional and Specialist Diamond cutting blades have been specifically designed and manufactured for cutting a range of materials such as; Granite, Porcelain, Marble, Ceramic Tiles, Clay Roof Tiles, Natural stone and man made fired materials. Diamond Blade delivers a fantastic cutting performance, a super clean cut and ensures a noticeable reduction in chipping. Perfect for; Tile Fitters, Roofers, Kitchen Fitters, Stone Workers, Plumbers, Civil Engineers and General Building Contractors. 


  2. Wet And Dry Diamond Core Drills

    Wet And Dry Diamond Core Drills

    Mexco Diamond Core Drills have been manufactured to a high standard to withstand the huge stresses involved when core drilling into general masonry building materials. Our diamond core drill bits offer excellent drilling speeds and lifetime when used with most core drill machines due to their high diamond concentration, high quality barrels, back ends and large segment height. 

  3. Diamond Tile And Glass Drills

    Diamond Tile And Glass Drills

    Mexco Vacuum Brazed Tile Drills bits offer unrivalled performance and cost per cut when drilling the hardest of man-made and natural decorative materials. No water is required. The M14 connection allows use on an angle grinder and with the seperately purchased adaptor these drills can be used in a Mains powered drill with a three jaw chuck. (For use on angle grinders & mains powered drills) Applications: Porcelain, Granite & Ceramic Tile.