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Diamond Blades

Mexco Professional and Specialist Diamond cutting blades have been specifically designed and manufactured for cutting a range of materials such as; Granite, Porcelain, Marble, Ceramic Tiles, Clay Roof Tiles, Natural stone and man made fired materials. Diamond Blade delivers a fantastic cutting performance, a super clean cut and ensures a noticeable reduction in chipping. Perfect for; Tile Fitters, Roofers, Kitchen Fitters, Stone Workers, Plumbers, Civil Engineers and General Building Contractors. 


  1. Diamond Cutting Blades

    Diamond Cutting Blades

    We offer a wide range of professional cutting blades to cover the most common material applications, by clicking on the grey box below a larger more comprehensive description of the material range will appear for each blade.

  2. Specialist Diamond Cutting Blades

    Specialist Diamond Cutting Blades

    We offer a wide variety of specialist diamond cutting and grinding solutions these range from a diamond blade with almost any application to a pre-cut diamond blade for use in conjunction with ICS concrete chainsaws, click on the link below to view full details of these products.

  3. Diamond Blades Accessories

    Diamond Blades Accessories

    We offer a range of Mexco Diamond Blade accessories including reducing bushes , pressurised water containers one shot oils,