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MATRIX 11 BI-METAL BANDSAW BLADE 2184 MM (86")-6.4 MM (1/4")-0.025-10/14 TPI

Matrix 11 Bi-Metal Bandsaw Blade 2184 Mm (86")-6.4 Mm (1/4")-0.025-10/14 Tpi Matrix 11 Bi-Metal Bandsaw Blade 2184 Mm (86")-6.4 Mm (1/4")-0.025-10/14 Tpi

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2184 MM (86")-6.4 MM (1/4")-0.025-10/14 TPI


Matrix 11 is a general purpose blade ideal for cutting materials with easy to moderate machinability. Manufactured with Special high speed steel teeth edges and attached to a special alloy steel backer. The result is a Bi-Metal material that provides higher heat and wear resistance for longer life. Matrix 11 blades are ideal metal cutting blades suitable for maintenance shops and small fabricating shops and keen hobbyist.     




Manufactured in Morse’s advance manufacturing plant in the USA. Featuring annealed welds to prevent brittleness. These industrial blades have a minimum gauge of 0.025 mm which increases to 0.042 as the width as the blade increases (unlike inferior quality blades using 0.014 mm), this result in a blade that consistently cuts straighter and for longer due to its hardened tooth tips. 


Features & Benefits


  • General purpose blades ideal for cutting wood
  • MTX’s Bi Metal construction provides longer blade life than Carbon Steel, up to ten times longer in the right condition.
  • High heat and wear resistance increase blade life.
  • Good value on light to medium production and maintenance applications
  • Handle bundles and stacked pieces Moderate cost-per blade/low cost per cut
  • Positive Rake for solids 0 degree rake for tubing or thin wall pipe




aluminium castings, carbon steel, structural steels



Additional information

How To Select The Correct TPI


Tooth Selection Guide


Having the correct number of Teeth Per Inch (T.P.I.) is very important!

Too fewer teeth and the teeth will break off, too many and the tooth gullets will become too full, this will:-

1. Reduce the blade life.

2. Cause inaccurate, uneven, rough cuts.

All of which can, again end up being very expensive.


A good guideline is:- A Min of 3, max of 24, ‘sweet spot’ of 6 to 12 teeth in the work piece at any one time.

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